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The RRTA has three evening doubles leagues (Men's, Ladies', and Mixed) and two or three morning leagues for Ladies. There is also a co-ed singles ladder. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, we aim to place you at a level in these leagues which is appropriate for your skills and provides you with a satisfying and fun match.

Evening doubles league play begins at 6:30pm. Men's and Ladies doubles rotate partners (you do not need a partner to enter). Mixed doubles (male & female team) are fixed-partner (you must have a partner). Ladies morning league play varies, depending on the season. Play begins between 8:00am and 10:00am, with rotating doubles partners Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday (no partner needed). The Co-ed Singles League is organized as a ladder. Players are provided with match assignments every two weeks and then schedule their own matches and furnish their own tennis balls.

The RRTA doubles leagues play on reserved courts at Old Settlers Park and Williamson County Park (mixed doubles league).

League Rules:

View a list of the specific rules used by each of the leagues.

Past League Winners:

View league winners from previous seasons.

Contact Info for each league:

Mon. Night Ladies DoublesLauraramrod11@rrtennis.com
Tue. Night Men's DoublesRonramrod12@rrtennis.com
Wed. Night Mixed DoublesGwenramrod16@rrtennis.com
Thu. Night Mixed DoublesJillramrod13@rrtennis.com
Ladies Daytime LeaguesMiaramrod14@rrtennis.com
Co-ed Singles LadderGregramrod15@rrtennis.com

Men's Doubles and Ladies' Doubles
You do not need a partner to play in these leagues. Players are organized in tiers of 4 people. We call these courts. Your court assignment will initially be based upon your estimated skill level, and you will move up or down to a higher or lower court each week depending on your personal wins and losses.

The players on a court will play 3 sets, and you will rotate to a different partner on your court for each set thereby having each of the other players as your partner or your opponent during the course of the match.

The players keep track of their cumulative number of individual wins and losses, and at the end of the three sets the totals are recorded on a score sheet. The player winning the most games moves up to the next higher court on the following week. The player with the fewest wins moves down. In the event of a tie the players can elect to spin a racket or play a singles tiebreaker.

The grand total of individual wins and losses is tracked throughout the season, and the player with the most wins at the end is the winner of the league!

Mixed Doubles
This is a fixed-partner league. You will play with the same partner every game and you must arrange to have your own teammate.

The league is organized into tiers of 4 teams each (called courts as above). Each team of two will play a series of 9 games with each of the other 3 teams on their court (this actually takes up two physical court spaces) and keep track of the total wins and losses for their team. The winning team moves up to the next higher court on the following week and the losing team moves down. The grand total of wins/losses for each team is tracked and the team with the most wins at the end of the season wins the league.

The mixed doubles league has become very popular and we have a limited number of tennis courts allotted to us. The RRTA must sometimes schedule two successive play sessions on the same evening in order to accommodate all participants.

Substitutes for Doubles
Doubles leagues are scheduled for specific weekdays and it may be that a player will be unavailable for the scheduled time. It is the obligation of each doubles player to find a substitute for his or her absence so that a good match can be played. We take this seriously! Don't leave the other people on your court hanging out to dry. If a doubles player fails to show up or provide a substitute twice in any given season, that player will not be allowed to participate in that league next season.

We invite all members of the RRTA to sign up for our free substitution lists on a per-league basis. You are not obligated to play, but you may be called in the event that someone can't be there and have a good time taking their place! Our league rules charge a small score penalty against substitute players. We find that this helps prevent unbalanced competition.

Co-ed Singles Ladder

The league ladder is divided into tiers consisting of 2, 3 or 4 players. The initial lineup is based upon your past performance in the ladder or your estimated skill level.

Each player in a tier is responsible for arranging a match with each of the other players in that tier at a mutually convenient time and place. You must play your matches within a 2-week time period and report the scores online (URL will be provided once you enter the league). The winner of a tier moves up to the next higher tier, the loser moves down. Real-time win and loss statistics are displayed online, as well as assignments for upcoming tiers.

The player with the best winning percentage is the winner of the league regardless of his/her tier. There is a minimum games played requirement for eligibility to win the league, and you must be actively participating at the end of the season.

View detailed info on the Rules of the Singles League.

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