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League Rules

Substitutes for Doubles

It is the obligation of each doubles player to find a substitute for his or her absence so that a good match can be played. We take this seriously! Don't leave the other people on your court hanging out to dry. If a doubles player fails to show up or provide a substitute twice in any given season, that player will not be allowed to participate in that league next season.

Scoring for Substitute Players

Fixed Doubles:
  • There will be a 2 point deduction per person for subs - limited to 3 points total per team.
  • A team with a sub may not advance, however a team with a sub may move down (see rule below regarding ties).
  • In case of ties, the first tiebreaker criteria will be the team having the fewest number of subs will advance (or greater number of subs will move down). The second criteria will be their head-to-head score.

Non-Fixed Doubles:
  • There will be a 2 point deduction per person for subs.
  • A sub may not advance, however a sub may move down (see below).
  • In case of ties, players may choose to either "flip a coin" or play a tiebreaker. If one player wants to play a tiebreaker and the other does not, the player wanting to play the tiebreaker will advance. In case of a three-way tie, players will "flip coins" to see who will play the first tiebreaker, the winner of the first tiebreaker will then play the winner of the coin flip - the winner of this tiebreaker will advance. In case of ties to move down, the first tiebreaker is whether one of the players is a sub (a sub will move down first).

Mixed and Ladies' Doubles

Each set consists of 9 total games, regardless of whether one team has already reached 6 games. (For example, a set could have a score of 8-1)

12-Point Tiebreakers

If a set reaches 6-6, a 12-point tiebreaker is played to determine the winner. The first player/team to reach 7 points by a margin of 2 points wins the set.

SINGLES: Player (A) serves first point from deuce court (right side); Player (B) serves points 2 and 3 (starting in the add/left court, then deuce/right court). The serve is then rotated, with each player serving 2 points (starting in the add/left court, then deuce/right court). When points total 6, players change ends and continue. Continue switching when total points are divisible by 6 or until someone wins by 2. In a following set, the players change ends and Player (B) serves the first game.

DOUBLES: follows the same pattern, with partners preserving the sequence of their serving turns.

Singles Ladder

Scheduling Matches
It is the responsibility of each player to contact the other members in your tier as early as possible and make arrangements with them to play your matches at a mutually convenient time and place. If you cannot play for any reason and the other player has made a good-faith effort to schedule a match then it will be counted as a default in the other player's favor (see Defaults paragraph below). Don't procrastinate! You should plan to complete at least one match during the first week of the round.

Matches will be best two out of three sets with a 12 point tie-breaker if the set score reaches 6-6. We use normal scoring, no pro-sets or limited duration games.

Reporting Scores
Scores should be reported by the players online (URL will be provided once you enter the league) or by emailing the league ramrod with the results. If you see that a score was reported incorrectly, you must email the league ramrod BEFORE the end of the round with the corrected score AND you should carbon copy your opponent on the email so that they will be aware of the change.

Winning the League
The league champion will be determined by best games-won percentage (subject to a minimum game requirement determined each season by the league ramrod) and will be awarded a small prize. You must be participating in the league at the end of the season to be eligible. Sometimes the league winner will be a consistent player on the top tiers. But often a player on a lower tier that improves significantly during the season will be the champion for that season.

Ladder Management Details
At the end of each round, players are ranked within each tier based on the following criteria applied in the stated order:
  1. Number of matches won in round
  2. Head-to-head result
  3. Number of matches played in round
  4. Percentage of games won in the round
  5. Percentage of games won in the season
  6. Coin toss by league ramrod

After the players are ranked within their tiers, the ladder will be adjusted and the schedule for the next round created using the following procedure:
  1. Top player in tier and bottom player in above tier exchange positions.
  2. Bottom player in tier and top player in below tier exchange positions.
  3. Members inactive for last round who wish play in the upcoming round are reinserted.
  4. Members new to the league are inserted in ladder based upon rating and past play.
  5. Members who wish to sit out the upcoming round are removed.
  6. League ramrod moves improperly placed members up or down as needed. (should be rare)
  7. League ramrod creates new set of tiers for new round.

Typically, a member will play two members in each round that they did not play in the previous round. However, to evenly distribute the extra match load required when four-player tiers must be used, and to accommodate the entry and exit of players due to new memberships, injuries, illnesses, business travel, and other factors, a member may at times play the same opponent in two or even three consecutive rounds. Similarly, because members cannot move up from the top tier or down from the bottom tier, members on those tiers should expect to play the same opponents more often.

The only guarantee that can be made is that if you keep winning, you will move up... and if you keep losing, you will move down. So hopefully after the first few rounds of your first season in the league, you should be able to enjoy highly competitive matches against players of similar skill level.

Tennis Balls
The association does not supply tennis balls for singles matches. As a small competitive incentive (and to simplify the arrangements) each player MUST bring a new can of balls to the match. The winner will leave with a new can and the loser will take the used balls home to the dog. If a player comes to a match without a new can of balls, the other player is not required to play the match and a default will be awarded upon request.

Defaults and Unscored Matches
You are highly encouraged to play all of your matches. This results in the maximum enjoyment of the league by all players. If you are not able to play in a round, you are expected to let the league ramrod know with as much notice as possible to that you may be deactivated for that round. There is no penalty for sitting out a round and the position in the ladder of a member is preserved while they sit out. A match not reported by either member before the deadline will not be scored. A default results in awarding the match to a player as a win but zero games are scored. However, if both players have made a good-faith effort to schedule a match, but the match was not played, it is usually best to leave it unscored. If a member was sick, injured, out of town, or simply made the match such a low priority that it could not be scheduled, that member should accept a default. Please attempt to agree about who has defaulted. A member should not score a default unless both members have agreed who is defaulting. If an agreement is not reached, please alert the league ramord before the last day of the round so that a consensus can be reached. If a player fails to play assigned matches in two rounds during a season, they will be removed from the ladder.

Substitute Players
Substitute players are NOT allowed in the singles ladder. However, players in the singles ladder are encouraged to sign up as substitutes for other leagues. Please note this on your registration form.

Keep it Friendly
Please strive to adhere to the Code of Tennis at all times. If you think a player cheats, is always late, or displays belligerent behavior, please remain calm and mention it privately to the league ramrod. We will work to solve the problem. DO NOT agree to play a match and then fail to show up without notice. If you feel that you are not starting in the appropriate tier for your skills then let the ramrod know, it may be possible to negotiate a modification of your position.

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