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2004 Summer League Winners

Ladies Doubles - Monday evening
First Place: Abby Waeltz
Second Place: Judy Wadsworth
Mens Doubles - Tuesday evening
First Place: Jimmy Jackson
Second Place: David Scroggins
Mixed Doubles - Thursday evening
First Place: Rick Gabel and Louise Johnston
Second Place: Doug and Jodi Goike
Ladies Doubles - Tuesday morning
First Place: Cathy and Tiffany Salinas
Second Place: Melissa Kriegel and Holly Hutchison
Third Place: Rubie Bartz and Sue McCaffrey
Ladies Doubles - Wednesday morning
First Place: Mia Martin
Second Place: Angie Robinson
Third Place: Jane Childers
Ladies Doubles - Friday morning
First Place: Kris Spencer
Second Place: Vicky Jones
Third Place: Mia Martin
Co-ed Singles Ladder
First Place: Sara White
Second Place: David Scroggins

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